Thursday, February 16, 2012

Questions Round 2

Questions from Scott:
  1. For the "Funky Fermentables" category are you basically saying that we should use any fermentable we want but don't turn it into a wine or mead accidentally? Will more odd ingredients earn more points? Does the fermentable have to be in the initial wort or can it be added in secondary?
  2. Also, any idea what the prizes are going to be?
  3. Is it possible to submit one recipe for multiple categories?
  1. We're trying to keep the beer from becoming a mead, cider, or wine. The fermentable item(s) should be added to the initial wort. If you want to add additional fermentables during secondary fermentation or for bottle conditioning thats up to you but you should note it on your recipe submission. 
    • I haven't posted the recipe forms but I should have those up on the blog in the next week or two. 
  2. We'll be giving away some awards, schwag, and some stuff from our co-sponsors.
  3. You can submit one recipe to multiple categories but we would really suggest you shoot for the six pack and try to come up with 6 beers (Thats the ultimate in homebrew badassery for this competition). If you choose to submit one recipe to more than one category be prepared to submit bottles for each category and make sure that the brew you come up with is suitable for additional categories based on the guidelines.
    • You can have additional fermentables in the Fruit & Spice category but the real focus is on FLAVOR contributed first and foremost.



  1. So a 6 pack is really 12 beers (2 of each)?

  2. It's a 6 pack of Categories so yes, if you had a submission for all six categories you'd have to send / bring in 12 beers

  3. Here's the thing. I interpret it to mean you can use any organism to ferment your beer. "If it can ferment it can be used in your brew" Missing comma messes me up. Does it read:

    If it can ferment it, it can be used in your brew


    If it can ferment, it can be used in your brew.

    1. focus on "If it can ferment, it can be used in your brew" (the ingredients are the main focus)

      but if there is something else you want to throw in to aid the yeast or that has an effect on the flavor, go for it!